I am a 3D Visualiser based in London. I have a BA (hons) degree in Visual Effects from the University of Hertfordshire, where I developed my creativity and broad skill set as a 3D artist.

I specialise in Architectural Visualisation; having worked on a wide range of projects, from small developments to large scale master plans, either working on solo projects or within a team environment. I'm experienced with not only the 'traditional' practices of still imagery and animation, but also in developing various different types of interactive experiences from 360 panotours to fully immersive Virtual Reality experiences within architecture.

As an artist, I am particularly adept at creative problem solving, where I try to use my understanding of various techniques and technologies to achieve interesting results. I try to be efficient and flexible when I work, in order to meet the needs of the team or project.

I am open to applying my abilities around 3D visualisation to other creative disciplines.

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